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Buyer Services

There are usually lots of things to do when you move home. We want to help you with as may of these as we can;



It is stressful organising removals. You don’t want to book them until you are certain of the moving date, but by the time you are ready then you can’t find an available removal company. We take that stress and worry away. Tell us what type of removal service you want and we will organise it all for you.



Before you move in we will help you find the best gas and electric rates for the area you are moving to. If you choose to, we can then help you set these up to ensure that you are getting the best value gas and electric that is right for you.


Broadband/ TV

We can search for you to see the best deals for the fastest and best broadband and TV services that are available to you. We can then set these up to arrange that they will be ready for the day you move in, or as soon as possible after you have moved in.


Oven Cleaning

We understand that some people like to have a house thoroughly cleaned and fresh before they move in. So, if it is required, we can arrange to have the oven and hob professionally cleaned ready for when you move in.


Carpet Cleaning

If it is required, we can arrange to have the carpets professionally cleaned ready for when you move in.


DIY/ Painting

If it is required, we can arrange to have the odd DIY jobs and/or painting done for when you move in. It is a lot easier to have it done before the furniture starts being moved in and getting in the way!


Home Organisation


We hope that you live in your new home for many enjoyable years to come. That's why we think it's important to start the new chapter of your life on the right foot. Therefore we can offer you a consultation with an Organisation Consultant who can come and see your house and advice you howto get the most out of your new home for the life you lead. We want you to stay as in love with your home in 20 years time as you feel on the day you move in, and if you utilise your home correctly then you will.



No one wants to imagine the worst happening, but unfortunately accidents do happen. While we wish and plan for a great future, we have to prepare for the worst. Having an up to date will ensures that if anything happens, your family are protected because your house is protected. You can enjoy your future with the reassuring knowledge that if something was to happen your family and their home are safe.


Power of Attorney/ Trusts

We have to accept that we have an ageing population. As we live longer, more people are going in to care homes where their house has to be sold off to pay the bills. We can arrange a meeting with an expert to get things organised to protect you. It may be that if you, or a family member went in to care then the person with power of attorney can act straight away, rather than having to wait months sorting out the paperwork. They can also arrange that the care home can’t come after your house to pay the care fees. Stop the government taking your money, and let us help you arrange for your family to inherit it instead!


Emotional Wellbeing


Moving home is one of the three most stressful experiences you can experience, along with death and divorce. Unfortunately this job usually entails a mixture of the three. We want to make sure that you handle it well, and you adopt a more positive attitude towards the whole process, with the aim of changing it from being a stressful experience to being a joyful and happy experience when you focus on the next chapter of your life. There are many ways we can do this depending on your situation, so speak to us today if you feel that you may need some support in this area.

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