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Extra Services

Whatever your requirements, it is not too much trouble. We believe it is our duty, and privilege, to help you achieve the best rental price for your property, so nothing you require is too big or too small for us to try to help you.



We can organise all of those odd jobs around your property be completed. Whether it is a leaky tap, overgrown lawn or simply that the driveway needs pressure washing. If you get all of these odd jobs completed before your tenant moves in you are showing them that you are attentive and want them to enjoy living there. In return, we find that this tends to make tenants more attentive and take more care of your property for you.


Painting and Decorating

If you freshen the walls up before a tenant moves in then it their obligation to return the property to you in the same condition (minus acceptable wear and tear). So if the walls have been freshly painted we expect a tenant to return it in the same condition. By investing a little upfront the returns will follow.


Carpet Cleaning

By having the carpets professionally cleaned before move in it gives them a new lease of life. It also has the added benefit that your tenant then needs to have the carpets professionally cleaned when they move out, at their cost. The average lifespan of a rental carpet is 5 years. But if you have the carpet professionally cleaned at the start of a tenancy, and each tenant continues to have it done before each new tenant moves in, then you could increase the carpets lifespan by up to another 2 years. That is a huge saving if you keep the property for several years.


Oven Cleaning

This works on the same principle as the carpet cleaning. If you have this done at the start of the tenancy, then the process will continue with each tenancy. This will ultimately save you money over time because you won't need to replace the oven as quickly.


Appliance Purchase/ Repair

We spend our time sourcing the best value repair and replacement appliance services to save you time and effort having to do it yourself, after all time costs money.



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