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Extra Services

Unlike normal estate agents, are aim is to go the extra mile to get you the best price possible for your house, while maintaining and encouraging your emotional wellbeing throughout the journey of moving home. We do this by offering services ‘outside the norm’ of traditional and hybrid estate agents. Below is an example of some of the services we offer, but remember the list is not exhaustive. So if there is something that we can help you with that isn’t listed, please feel free to ask.


Home Organisation

There are many reasons why you may be selling, but whatever the reason behind your move it is important to start reducing your emotional tie to your home. Start thinking of it as a house you live in- your home is ready and waiting for you once you have sold this house! Everyone lives differently, and the way you have lived in your house may not be the way that the next person (your buyer) will live in it. Therefore we can offer you a consultation with an Organisation Consultant who can come and see your house and advice you on how your buyer may want to use your house. We can then formulate a plan to present it in the best light. After all, when your buyer walks in and falls in love with the house they will offer you their best price!


Home Staging

Empty properties can sometimes lack personality and ‘warmth’ that buyers seek when looking for their ideal home. Our home staging service compliments your house and enables the buyer to imagine their future in to their home. Our home staging service leads to quicker sales at better prices.


Home Decoration

When you live in a house for so long you may not notice that the walls start to look tired over time. A fresh lick of paint, or a feature wallpaper wall, will rejuvenate a room, make it look brighter and bigger and will attract more potential buyers through the door.


Carpet Cleaning

Cooking, pets and children all cause carpets to look older and more tired than they perhaps should. That is before we mention the animal hairs and the fact that fabrics absorb everyday household odours that perhaps you and I don’t notice. Cleaning the carpets can make them look like they are new again! It injects new life in to the room, and helps buyers fall in love with your house.



Perhaps you are moving because over time your house has become too small for you. We have all been there. Unfortunately, though, your buyer is usually at the start of their journey that you were when you first moved in. They want a house with lots of space that they can see themselves growing in to. Your belongings are preventing your buyer from seeing the houses potential. They will think that it will be too small for them. We don’t want you to get rid of your belongings, which is why we offer storage. That way you can show off your house in the best possible light at the same time as knowing your belongings are safe and waiting for you when you move in to your new home.



It is stressful organising removals. You don’t want to book them until you are certain of the moving date, but by the time you are ready then you can’t find an available removal company. We take that stress and worry away. Tell us what type of removal service you want and we will organise it all for you.



No one wants to imagine the worst happening, but unfortunately accidents do happen. While we wish and plan for a great future, we have to prepare for the worst. Having an up to date will ensures that if anything happens, your family are protected because your house is protected. You can enjoy your future with the reassuring knowledge that if something was to happen your family and their home are safe.


Power of Attorney/ Trusts

We have to accept that we have an ageing population. As we live longer, more people are going in to care homes where their house has to be sold off to pay the bills. We can arrange a meeting with an expert to get things organised to protect you. It may be that if you, or a family member went in to care then the person with power of attorney can act straight away, rather than having to wait months sorting out the paperwork. They can also arrange that the care home can’t come after your house to pay the care fees. Stop the government taking your money, and let us help you arrange for your family to inherit it instead! Emotional Wellbeing Moving home is one of the three most stressful experiences you can experience, along with death and divorce. Unfortunately this job usually entails a mixture of the three. We want to make sure that you handle it well, and you adopt a more positive attitude towards the whole process, with the aim of changing it from being a stressful experience to being a joyful and happy experience when you focus on the next chapter of your life. There are many ways we can do this depending on your situation, so speak to us today if you feel that you may need some support in this area.

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